Internship Report on AN EVALUATION OF CREDIT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM OF Janata Bank Limited Bangladesh

In this report, the bank introduced in terms of its Credit structure and operation with Credit and advances. This report will give a clear idea about activities and operational strategies of JBL. Especially this report focuses on the overall Credit Management of Janata Bank Limited. 
The objectives of the report were to examine the bank’s present Credit management systems. Its market performance; define the problems the bank is facing in the related areas. Develop a set of new objectives and suggest strategies for meeting competitive pressure. In order to address these issues, in this report, a new set of objectives and strategies were suggested.

The Mission statement of the bank is defined as in an intensely competitive and complex financial and business environment; I particularly focus on growth and profitability of concerned.

Structural changes of the bank, as have been suggested, include:

Development of a structured Human Resources Department

- Segregation of marketing from Credit Administration Department

- Strengthening of IT unit

Suggested strategy in this regard includes higher participation in syndication deals and a concerted effort to build a diversified portfolio.

I have divided the whole report into seven chapters. Those chapters include short profile of Janata Bank, Literature Review of Credit Management, Credit Management of Janata Bank, Discussion and findings, SWOT analysis, Recommendations etc.

In first chapter, I have explained about Background of the study, Objectives, Methodology, Rationale and Scope and Limitations of the Study. In second chapter, I have tried to review the Bank, Its Mission, Objectives and the Management of Janata Bank Limited. In the third chapter, I have explained the Literature Review of Credit Management. In the fourth, fifth and sixth chapter, I have explained Credit Management of Janata Bank Limited, Competitive Analysis. And in seven and last chapter I have showed Findings, Recommendations Conclusion and Bibliography respectively.

So, I can say that, I have tried to put my honest and sincere efforts while preparing these report. All my exertion and pains taking efforts will be successful, if it becomes conducive to Janata Bank Limited.