Internship Report ON General Banking System of Uttara Bank Ltd.

Uttara Bank Limited is a private commercial Bank in Bangladesh. The Bank started its operation on 28th January 1965 as a named by Eastern Banking Corporation. During this period it could improve its image in the society as a Commercial Bank. Now it has 211 Branches in Bangladesh. All branches are situated in till highly demanded areas.
As an old Bank, Uttara Bank Limited (UBL) has been completing with the other private banks where all the Banks are adopting different intensive programs to attract the customers. Accordingly, UBL is offering different type of deposit schemes bearing, highest note of return Deposit Scheme, Monthly Income Scheme and Millionaire Scheme are till most popular offers, which are completely new innovation in tile banking sector and widely accepted by the clients.

Uttara Bank Ltd is playing a vital role in developing industry of the country and putting tle national economy competitive with the world economy. A developing country like Bangladesh urges a huge amount of investment both in private and public sector. UBL has been providing a lot of assistances reaction this investment process through its Investment and Foreign Exchange Development.

I have tried to incorporate every kinds of relevant information in my report focusing mainly on General Banking of Uttara Bank Limited

Uttara bank limited UBL is now well growing and containing 201 branches in Dhaka and outside of the Dhaka. The scope of title study will be limited to the organizational setup, function and operations of the UBL in title Bangladesh specially concentrating on UBL operations in General and Foreign Exchange Branch but not the entire realm of the UBL. This report mainly encompasses the performance of UBL in comparison the General banking into foreign exchange. For the purpose of my internship program, I was assigned in the, Ramna Brance at UBL and this paved me the way to get myself familiarized with an opportunity to gather experience by working in different department of the branch.