Employee recruitment and Selection Processes of NGOs in Bangladesh with Reference to PROSHIKA

NGOs play a very important role in the development or the socio-economic structure of the most of the third world countries like Bangladesh. They are said to be the alternative NGOs. Institution to promote the national progress of the country

Poverty alleviation or eradication is the supreme target or the NGOs. National and international NGOs of Bangladesh has been patronized for the development of her socio-economic progress where human resource (HR) is the main problem to have fresh and free unbiased recruitment and selection process. Otherwise all the programme and technology will come to a failure. Hence, the author got interest to work out the exact position and process of recruitment and selection process of NGOs in Bangladesh within these short period of time thought his thesis titled “Employee recruitment and selection process of NGOs in Bangladesh with the especial reference to PROSHIKA”

NGOs are in great deal of numbers in Bangladesh. But for the best prospect of the thesis ten NGOs are selected. They are BRAC, ASA GUP (Gono Unnayan prochesta), SIS (Social investment society) ODP (organization for destitute people), DIP, and PADAKHAP. They practices HRM having separate division or department. The author had a good check up on their HRM systems, especially Recruitment and selection processes. All the top level NGOs got HRM department division for recruitment and selection process.This thesis should got all the sectors of the HRM systems. But top level NGOs go thought with the following recruitment procedure.

NGOs should have a combination of persons belonging to the intellectual, educationalist, social workers, soft religious, humanitarian natured and hard workers ability people to achieve an over all socio-economic development in the life of the destitute poor target beneficiaries are preciously total development of the socio-economic as well as environment. As NGOs got the legal status from the directorate of social services (DSS) under the LGRD ministry or NGOs bureau. Hence they got some guideline from the ministry in HRM practices.

The increasingly important role of HRM is reflected in the transformation of the personnel management function from one of concentrating on employee welfare to one of managing people in a way which matches organizational and individual goals. In short HRM has become a centre business concern.

Accountability, transparency and ethics should be the first step in the recruitment and selection processes of NGOs in Bangladesh for the best HR practices.
Peter Drucker , as early as 1961 wrote that the constant worry of all personnel administration is their inability to prove that they are making a contribution to the enterprise . There also he said, preoccupied with the search for a “gimmick” that will impress their --management associates. And he argued they have a persistent complaint. “we lack status ‘ .Some wit once said that a’ Personnel management’ is all those things that do not deal with the work of people and that are not management.