Report On Live In Field Experience

Almost 80 percent of Bangladesh’s population lives in the villages. Without knowing them & their lifestyle we can’t say that we know about our country. These village people are doing agricultural activities & that’s why our economy is still running. From the beginning of our nation the villager, the farmers have been serving the nation, working for our economic progress silently. But we don’t even realize how important role they are playing for us. So it is important for every person to know about the villagers, their lifestyle, their thoughts, their problems & also their expectation.
Independent University, Bangladesh has organized such a program named LFE (Live-In-Field Experience) through which every year they send their students to rural area to be knowledgeable about the village people, their life style, culture, value, belief and their attitude. In this semester IUB conducted two different places. We were assigned in the LFE held at RDA, Bogra. Our assigned village was Uttar Maria. LFE is an effort to show the world that only a handful of Bangladeshis, if motivated and directed in the right path, can make a vast change in the lives of many. As IUB aims at develop leadership qualities among the students with a view to serving the nation and humanity at large. This course gives us the clear picture of the villages of Bangladesh.

The chief intention of the study is to discover the authentic depiction of the village. Some other objectives are as follows:
  •  To be familiar with the environment of the village. 
  •  To know the village people and their life style.
  •  To gain knowledge about the geographical feature of the village through village mapping.
  •  To classify the social change pattern, this can be both positive and negative.
  •  To estimate the economic condition of the people by through their monthly income, expenses and profession.
  •  To know about agriculture & gender division of labour.
  •  To get an indication of the health, vaccination and medical facilities available in the village.
  •  To find out the GO’s and NGO’s activities in the village. The main objective of the study is to find out the actual picture or portrait of the.
  •  To know about the Haat & Bazaars like Services available there, price comparison, fake products, distribution channel, value chain analysis, cost benefit analysis, promotional activities etc.
Methodology means the procedure of collecting data. All the information provided in this report is has been collected through four techniques. These four techniques are:
  • Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA).
  • Observation.
  • Rapport building.
  • Structured questionnaire survey.