Research On Dowry System Which is not under Islamic Law or Religion has Lowered Women’s Status in Society

Dowry system has not been originated from any religious texts. It is the result of people’s common tendency towards hyper-gamy in the present capitalist world. By tracing back the origin, these matters have been focused. Here, priority has been given significantly on the dowry system from religious perspective. To identify dowry system as un-Islamic rituals, the texts of the Quran and Hadis have been enclosed. To eradicate the problem from society, reasons behind the system has been mentioned and some recommendations have been suggested in pace with time. Lastly, I have tried to prove that dowry system has lowered women’s status in contrasting with religious texts. From the very beginning of human creation, conjugal life had been started. The holy marriage union between Hazarat Adam and Hazarat Howa introduced human beings with the world. So, marriage is a very ancient religious custom. This holy union is a part and parcel of our life to maintain our existence, to continue our generation and to discipline our social and family life.[1]
In such a holy union dowry system slowly takes its place. Dowry is in the simplest meaning the money property, or material goods that the bridegroom or his family demands and receives from a bride’s family as a consideration of wedding. In present society it has turned into a great problem since many conjugal lives are in danger for this evil custom. In the patriarchal system, dowry is almost synonymous with women’s oppression. For the reason of the evil custom, many women have to lay down their lives. Recently acid throwing is occurred if dowry demands are not fulfilled. However, dowry is a new phenomenon for the Muslim communities[2]

Dowry is totally haram (illegal) as like receiving interest and bribe in Islamic law. Dowry is a means of acquiring wealth without any labor which is fully un-Islamic concept. Our favorite prophet Mohammad (s) and his companions never gave any importance on gifts at the wedding by bride’s father. Indeed the prophet stated “the most blessed marriage is one in which the marriage partners place the least burden on each other.”

From another perspective, dowry system is also un-Islamic as it causes women’s oppression. According to the Quran, men and women are equal before God. Islam sees a woman, whether single or married as an individual in her own right. Role of men and women are complementary and collaborative. Rights and responsibilities of both sexes are equitable and balanced in their totality. In contrary, dowry system lowers the status of women. Women are treated as an unproductive burden and dowry is given to bridegroom as compensation to take the liability of the burden.

[1] Kamal, Abu Hena Mustafa, Publisher of Islamic Foundation. law
[2] Prof. Dr.Monsoor, Taslima: Gender Equity and Economic Empowerment: Family Law and Women in Bangladesh.