Thesis on Satellite Broadcasting and Cultural Change- A Study on the teenagers in Dhaka City

The impacts of satellite TV channels in different societies are valued by scholars and researchers in various dimensions. The critical scholars are worried about the growing technological dependence of the developing countries on foreign telecasting companies and the capacity of satellite programs to influence the culture of a country. Since inception, satellite transmission in Bangladesh has been broadening its territories and more and more people have been coming under its purview. Data found in the study indicated several behavioral changes among the audience(s). Interaction pattern and social values among the children, youths and old are taking new shape by the influence of satellite channels' exposure to the urban people. Duration of viewing TV by audience has been increasing after the inception of satellite cable connection and BTV with its credibility crisis has been falling to attract satellite channel viewers.
No society is totally static. Today we live in a global village, where the instant and constant sources of information, is the mass media. The styles of living that mark the difference between today’s generation and earlier ones have been fostered by the instant communication that penetrate into every remote spot on earth. And thus a mass society has been created throughout the world and has made it somewhat hard to isolate oneself from sounds and images from other territories.

Electronic communication is accessible even to those who are completely illiterate and in the most isolated area of the Third World countries it is common to find out people owning radios, televisions. In short, mass media provides the vary fabric with which our lives are ordered.

The novel "World Tour by 80 Days" of Julvern and later in the sixties the film "World Tour by 8 quot; of Rajkapoor were created curiosity many people once. Only before one eve teen people try to, sort out, this type of books in the entire book houses. Now time has changed. The trend for world tour by "Eighty days or Eight dollar;'' is now banned. 

Now we can visit the world only eight mega bites cost in front of computer screen which change our life style a lot. The 21st century is through out by 8 M.B. This is neither a novel nor a film. There is vast development in computer, internet, and several software communications. World is limit in 8 mega bites. Not only Computer but also satellite TV, Mobile phone, land phone, C.D., Cassette Player. etc-electronic media improved tremendously last one or two eve.

Bangladesh, as Third World country, the influence of mass and electronic media is very crystal clear. Now, we can visit more than 60 TV channels by remote in a minute. No one is bound to see just on channel. Thousands of channels are free and in his hand. We have much independent in choosing TV channels. There was a time we have to depend on newspaper or there printed media for information. For example, cricket match between Australia & India who win? Oh! What is the recent situation in Iraq? The relatives who stay at distance what is their condition? etc. for this type of matter we have to depend on printed media or newspaper. But it is not needed.