Assignment on Aim in Life

I am a student so like every student I have also an aim in life because life without aim is an like a boat without a boatman. Aim works as a motivation that helps a man to reach his goal. I have always dreams to be a magistrate in future because this service has many things to do for society.
There are two types of magistrate one is executive magistracy and other is judiciary magistrate. A judicial magistrate is one who pentoms justice and an executive magistrate is one who performs administrative work but if necessary. An executive magistrate can also perform some judicial activities by forming a mobile court. Although both these services have respect and status in society i want to be an eecutive magistrate because i think by being so, I can coe close contact with the people and thus sevve the people and society in a large scale. Perhaps this is the job that can serve society more than any other job. It is also thue that the service done by a teacher is above enything and by adoctor is obviously prodise worthy, the profession of a magistrate is move valued than these two sectors.

I know that education is the backbone of nation and teacher is the backbone of education. But the condition of ours teachers is not good. Teachers do not take part in government’s policy making. So policy makes always deprive them of their basic rights. Even a teacher is harassed by a clenk in education bhavan. When a teacher goes to education office for some necessity, he is devalued by a clenk who is much lower in rank of the teacher yes a teacher can have nothing to do because he has stutus of a 1st class offer but he has no power. If i can be magistrate one I may be a secratary of education ministry. Then i can serve the Teachers counerywide when. I am a U.N.O, I can serve the teachers in my upazila. I can also serve the teachers of my district when i am a deputy commissioner (D.C) not only that I can see the tarmens condition directy and give report to my senior officials for action. I can also supervise the law and discipline in my locality. I can control crimes by forming mobile couns. I can serve the nation during the electron.

As an administrative officer i can se every problem the people face in my locality i can become present in their misenies and help them to gt vid of all obstacles. A DC is one who supervises and integrates everything in the disstrict. Thus I will be able to make people happy at leasf in my district though not the whole people of the country.

Most of the ministries are run by the formen magistrates. So I can also participate there. I will forms committee personally that aimsat helping people, the member of the committee must not take bribes when I will be a senior officer. I can contribute to making policy. At that time I shall try my best to remove teachers mijeries and poor people’s health problem. I am committed ever to taking bribes. I hope I will be able to make the profession of a magistrate really helpful to society.