Term Paper Human Resource Management Practiced by PRAN-RFL Group

Objectives of the study
  • The objectives of the study are given below:
  • To learn about the consequences of Human Resource practices on the performance of PRAN-RFL Group.
  • To develop knowledge about the system approach to Human Resource Management
  • To get an idea about the system approach to employee selection.
  • To acquire knowledge about the process of matching to employee qualification with position requirement.
  • To knowledge about orientation and socialization process for new employees.
  • To analyze special motivational techniques with particular emphasis on the quality of working life and job enrichment.
  • To identify the weakness of the Human Resource Department of PRAN-RFL Group.
  • To recommend necessary steps of how to overcome from such problems of PRAN-RFL Group.

Methodology of the study
The population sampled for the study was limited to the PTAN-RFL Group where we were assigned to perform the study.

Data collections:
In order to conduct the report, I have collected necessary information from two sources
1. Primary sources of information
2. Secondary sources of information
Primary sources of information
· Face to face conversation with the respective officers of PRAN-RFL Group
· Oral interview of the responsible
· Observation of department of PRAN-RFL Group
Secondary sources of information
· Annual report of PRAN-RFL Group
· A brief on staff PRAN-RFL Group
· Various document of the company
· Website of PRAN-RFL Group
· Relevant documents as provided by the concern officials

Scope of the study
The report is descriptive in nature. The study covers only various functional areas of Human resource Department. No attempt is to perform detailed analysis effectiveness of the department. The findings are strictly based on the information provided by respective personnel. The concentration is on the presentation of the facts as discovered.

Limitations of the study
This report is my first assignment outside of my curriculum in the practical life. After completing the institutional experience, practical performance in the formal stages become difficult. So in performing this report our lack of proper knowledge greatly influenced in this performance. Besides above I have to face some other limitations are:

· Scarcity of availability of data.
· Time is a limitation that would mostly with stands a comprehensive study on the topic selected.
· Up-to-date information was not available
· Don’t give the data from their source document.
· Unwilling to provide information more because of their company policy.
· Being busy, also another reason of not giving more information.
· I have faced communication gap with my guide for the cause of political rough situation.
· As my group member stay far away from me, so I could not discus with them in spite of my willingness.
· Finally this is my first working on this field. So my knowledge is especially in such a research study is limited.