Assignment on NIVEA FOR MEN

The NIVEA brand is one of the most recognized akin and beauty care brands in the world. The creme NIVEA was first introduced in 1911 and the this brand now extents to 14 product ranges worldwide from sun care to facial moisturizers, deodorant and shower products. In 1980 when Beiersdorf the international company that owns NIVEA, Launched its NIVEA FOR MEN range internationally. It explores new ground with its after a have balm product. It was the first balm on the market that did not contain alcohol, which can irritate the akin. It creating value and satisfying the customers demand. It proved to be very popular with consumers.
In 1993, NIVEA FOR MEN developed a fuller range of made skincare products. This increase demand of products with male consumers. It is well known of the skincare market. Basically man mainly wanted skincare products that protected the face after saving.
NIVEA FOR MEN brand was launched in the UK in 1998. NIVEA FOR MEN wanted to increase its share of the UK male skincare market.
Macro environment and marketing decision:
The globalization has greatly affected by the manner by which firms like NIVEA FOR MEN operate, more specifically in terms of its marketing strategy. The faster transfer of goods and services is possible by communication and transportation increase competition among companies. This leads to constant changes in marketing techniques.
Company like NIVEA FOR MEN and their suppliers customers and competitors all operate in a microenvironment of forces and trends that shape opportunities and pose threats. Macro-environment influences the marketing decision of a company.
Macro environment tractors like economical environment, technological environment, demographic environment, political and legal environment and socio-cultural environment are influenced in marketing decision like NIVEA FOR MEN.