Assignment on tourism and Tourism facilities in Bangladesh

Tourism is one of the initiators of people's movement, a facilitator for exchange of knowledge, a provider of pleasure, a way to enjoy leisure, and a means to enrich culture. There was a time when only the elite classes had the time and money to enjoy travelling. Especially before fifties of the twentieth century, travel was the privilege of a few rich, affluent, and perhaps adventurous people. Things have since changed much.
Today, the tourism industry is recognized as the single largest industry in the world. As such tourism has become the largest trade sector in the world and this sector has been recognized as a major thrust area of economic and business activities in most of the destination countries.

1.2 Tourism in Bangladesh
Through tourism industry and its market have grown phenomenally worldwide, there is no significant growth and development of tourism in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is one of the rarest countries with many attractive destinations and unique scenic beauty throughout. Bangladesh may not possess the impressive monuments and architectural treasures like its neighbours, but it does have something substantially different to offer in its natural scenic beauty and cultural heritage (Alam, 2002). But tourism in Bangladesh is yet at a primitive stage. Despite all potentials, tourism here has not taken the shape of an industry as yet.)

1.3 Problems in Tourism Sector
By today, tourism has become the largest industry and trade sector in the world generating enough employment opportunities and earning huge amount of foreign exchange for the destination countries. It has created multifaceted impact on people's pleasure, knowledge, overall standard of living, and culture of both the destination and tourist generating countries. Many of the destination countries have marched forward to reap the full potentials of this industry. But Bangladesh is lagging far behind in the growth and development of its tourism industry. Through the country has got many rare attractions substantially different from those of other destination countries, its tourism industry is yet at the primitive stage and has not taken the shape of an industry.