Internship Report on General Banking of Uttara Bank Limited

The necessity of general banking activities cannot be ignored in any ways because of its dependency in the banking sector. It provides the opportunity to its local clients and at the same time attractive services are ensured as per the customer needs, wants & demands with the changing environment and competition. The banking system in Bangladesh has passed three decades through different policy, environment and comprises central bank at the apex, nationalization commercial banks, private commercial banks, foreign commercial banks and specialized financial institutions.

Currently the major financial institutions under the banking systems include:
Ø Bangladesh Bank
Ø Commercial Banks
Ø Islamic Banks
Ø Leasing Companies
Ø Finance Companies
Ø Merchant Banks

The range of banking products and financial services is also unlimited in scope. Besides all local banks are imposed 5% cash reserve requirement, which is non-interest bearing, and 18% statutory liquidity requirement. This has given rise to higher cost of fund. With the liberation of markets, competition on banking products and financial services seem to be more intense and competitive. In addition, as banking products, which can be offered in our country, are fairly homogeneous in nature due to the tight regulation imposed by Bangladesh Bank.

Department programs are the core functions of the bank operate the day-to-day transactions. In this department opening of customer’s account, chequebook issue, bank drafts, pay order receive from others bank, cheque for collection outward, and inward bill collection etc takes place. When a customer enters a bank he/she is served to fulfill his or her need with complete satisfaction because the more prompt and reliable the service leads a bank to a great success.

                             ORIGIN OF THE REPORT
Internship program is the partial & mandatory requirement of BBA program. After completing my 39 courses, it was my legal obligation to acquire the practical knowledge to the corporate world. That’s why I had to join in the Uttara Bank Ltd. B.B.Avenue Branch Dhaka and my internship report is based on the realistic working that I have performed.   

Broad Objectives:
The objectives of practical orientation on bank are to get a clear idea about banks, how it runs and what function it does, that is, how an account is opened, how remittance is sent, how various Department of bank performs their functions specially General Banking department. Again, as the environment of a bank is totally new, the trainee gets a chance to familiarize himself with a new situation. Furthermore, the orientations is very useful to detect whether the theoretical knowledge match with real life scenario or not.

Specific Objectives:
§  To identify the existing procedures and techniques of general banking of Uttara Bank Limited
§  To identify the effectiveness of Uttara Bank Limited.
§  Critically analyze the functions and the operations of general banking of Uttara Bank Limited.
§  To find out the various types of problems of Uttara Bank Limited.
§  To suggest suitable measures to remove the existing problems and improvement of general banking services of UBL.