Thesis on quality of higher education in Public and Private Universities of Bangladesh

Public universities are the main field of higher education in our country. As the public universities of Bangladesh failed to educate the increasing number of students private universities emerged. But most of the private universities are established on merely commercial thinking. Instead of offering quality education some private universities have become the vendor of certificate. So it is a matter of great thinking how our private universities can contribute positively to build an educated and skilled human resourceful society. In the same time failure of public universities should be identified and proper steps should be taken to remove it. 
Objectives of the Study 
The main objective of the study is to review the quality higher education in Public and Private universities. If we can scan the problems for which most of our universities are not functioning towards the desired goals, then we can find out the remedies also. If our Universities work accordingly then we can have more and more skilled manpower. This term paper may also be helpful for further studies in this field. So, the main objectives are- 
o To scrutinize the problems existing is the public and private Universalities
o To identify the prospects of Public and private Universities.
o To assess whether Public and private universities can ensure quality education.
o Brief evaluation of the overall activities of the public and private universities.
o To find out some recommendations. 
Scope of the Study 
Analyzing data collected from Secondary sources this term paper covers : 
a. The background of Public and Private universities in Bangladesh. 
b. Quality of Education in the public and private universities. 
c. Comparison between public and private universities. 
d. Recommendations. 
The methodology has been developed with a view to fulfill the objectives of the study. For this purpose I have collected data and information from various books, newspapers, magazines, internet websites and UGC annual report. 

Working Definition 
Public university is that university which is autonomous and run by the financial support of the government. Here private university means those universities which are established under the private universities Act-1992. Higher education in these public and private universities refers to the strengths and weaknesses, the problems and prospects and the realities surrounding these institutions of higher learning. 

Limitations of the study
Writing this term paper has not been trouble free. I have faced many obstacles. I had a very limited time to finish it. Books, journals and reports on this subject are not easily available. Due to time constraint I have collected data and information from limited secondary sources. NAMEs internet facility for the trainees is very poor. However, I have been able to prepare this term paper with kind co-operation from all concerned specially my guide Prof. Dr. Baitun Nahar.