Term Paper on Strategic Marketing Plan

This is a report on strategic marketing plan on BOC Bangladesh limited, BOC is a multinational company and has its presence in the Indian subcontinent since the times of British India. It produces a full range of industrial and medical gases life oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrous Oxide and many more. In addition they also produce welding products, safety equipments and so on.
I have analyzed BOCBL's economic, industrial life cycle, competitive strategy, and company analysis along with the total industrial aspect and in the marketing situation. It also helped to clarity the strength, weakness, opportunity and threat. I also get the information of the listed company of the some category and their position on the industry.

The report gives a privilege to the student of MBA to gather knowledge on the practical exposure, by doing the report I have to gather information on the listed company of Bangladesh and I have to analyze the practical situation of company in the current market. To do so, I applied our knowledge of analyzing of a company's qualitative situation.

This report is not only the requirement of the study but it will also help me to apply its knowledge to develop my skill, efficiency on my future life. As I am naive in the doing report there may be same mistakes which are the lacking of my knowledge. But I will learn if from the future, rather than feeling disappointment about it.

Origin of the Report:
This report is prepared to fulfill the partial requirement of my cause Strategic Marketing. So I chose the business organization BOC Bangladesh Limited and discuss on the different aspects of this company I did the report on market performance and the company of my strategic marketing course. I have tried to reflect my experience on my report in terms of strategic marketing plan.

Objective of the Report:
The specific objectives aimed for this report is
1. To fulfill the partial requirement of the course
2. To gain experience and knowledge of analysis the economy from the real life, this will help me in the practical working environment.
3. Identify macroeconomic environment

This report helped me to realize and understand a company overall economic analysis, Industry life cycle competitive strategy analysis, company analysis.

Research Methodology
Information used to prepare this report has been collected from oth the secondary source and the primary survey. The secondary sources of information were collected from BOC Bangladesh Limited, Annual report of BOC Bangladesh Limited, Periodicals and materials from various ordicles and also different websites.

Limitations of the study
Lack of availability of information and data, some time there are some backdated information they provide.
The record system of the annual report is not efficient.
Lack of access in many section of the organization.
Time is not sufficient to complete the study perfectly.