Assignment on The importance of Language movement in the growth and development of Bengali nationalism

Language movement constitutes a glorious and unforgettable chapter in our national history. The 21st February of 1952 was a red letter day. Without own language no wish could be expressed to his complete satisfaction. Own language is a matter of pride and glory for every nation but the pride and glory of the Bengalines has reached its highest climex, because the Bengalis are the only nation in the world that has shed blood for securing the right to a mother Tongue. The Language movement is the genesis of Bengali nationalism. Fundamental truth of Bengali nationalism that, this nationalism is ‘Linguistic nationalism’.

Language as an identity-base gained resonance and grew stronger as a force to linguistic lines into a “Linguistic Community” as a result of the heroic state language movement of 1952. It created myths and symbols for the ensuing Bengali nationalism in the East Pakistan 1.
To get a great concept of this Article it is essential for us to know about nationalism, Bengali nationalism, History of Language movement which is the genesis of Bengali nationalism.

What Nationalism is ?
Nationalism is a political ideology. Basically nationalism is a feeling. It is very difficult to define nationalism. Many Scholar define nationalism in various way-
1. Muhammad Ghulam Kabir, Changing Face of Nationalism; Dhaka, University Press ltd. P.P 122-123.
According to A.D Gragia-
“Nationalism combines love of country and suspiciousness” of foreigners love of country comes from shared values and suspiciousness of foreigners comes from the belief that foreigners do not share such values in the same strength. The first shared value is the love of familiar places-the neighborhood, the land, the homes the valleys and the mountains all of the surroundings that one loves because they have been part of oneself from infancy”.2
According to L. Snyder-
“Nationalism is a product of political, economic, social and intellectual factors at a certain stage in history, is a condition of mind, feeling or sentiment of a group of people living in a well defined geographical area”3
Hans Kohn says in his ‘Idea of nationalism’ that,
“Nationalism is first and foremast a state of mind, an act of consciousness”.

What is Bengali Nationalism?
Nationalism may based on Racial or Religious or Language and culture or spiritual etc. Bengali nationalism is language based nationalism.


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