Term Paper on Marketing Plan for Chimbuk Hill at Chittagong

Chimbuk Hill is a place of tranquility. It is unavoidable that lodging is not as easy as other tourist places in Bangladesh. But it is also inescapable that true nature and full of natural beauty is guaranteed at Chimbuk Hill. I can pledge that if a proper Marketing Plan can be implemented successfully then it would be very much rewarding for our tourism sector and will also contribute to the rise of Chimbuk Hill in Bandarban.
Chimbuk is the third highest mountain of Bangladesh. This is one of the most recognized familiar tourist spot just 26km away from Bandarban sadar. It's about 2500ft high above sea level. You will definitely be charmed having glimpses of the zigzag way heading to chimbuk, nilgiri respectively. While your jeep is moving through the various indigenous villages, their simplicity in human gestures will compel you to think about our predecessors struggles to cope with to maintain existence. They are as generous as nature. Here nature nourishes her offspring with utmost love in her lap. When you are looking down from Chimbuk, it will get you the feelings of floating over the clouds. When it is a shiny day, you can see the shades of clouds over the hills. The huge horizon of zigzag hills seem waves of a sea.