Assignment on barriers of communication and recommendation for eliminating them

Sometimes effective communication is not possible for some barriers in the communication process. These barriers can be complex organization structure and policies, perceptual difference, ambiguous and wrong word choice, inattention, wrong selection of medium, error of encoding and decoding messages, information overload, lack of communication skills etc. Miscommunication can cost a lot to the organization. A misunderstood message to a regulatory authority may pose a serious threat to an organization. But these barriers can be overcomed very easily by following some suggestions like active listening, proper choice of media etc. If they are followed properly we can make a communication real effective.
Communication is the process by which any message, information or idea is transmitted to the receiver through a medium.

When the receiver understands what the sender wanted to say then it can be called effective communication. Effective communication is a key to survive in today’s networking based corporate world.

Barriers of communication are the hindrances or difficulties involved in the process of communication which distort the message from being properly understood by the receiver. As the business world becomes more global and companies are striving for diversification, interceptions in communication can cause great frustration from reduced self-esteem to reduced employee potential. If these communication barriers are addressed and broken down, people gain self-confidence and can make effective communication which lead to increased work productivity, motivation and lower employee turnover that can ultimately results in maximization of profits. The objective of this report is to understanding the barriers of communications and knowing the best solutions to avoid these barriers.

· Learning how to communicate in professional life
· Learning how we can make ourselves clear to the receiver
· Proper understanding of the barriers is necessary to avoid the barriers and make communication effective.
· Learning how the communication can be made effective