Internship Report On Analysis of Foreign Exchange Activities of Jamuna bank Ltd.

This report is prepared as a requirement of the BBA program of the World University of Bangladesh. This report focuses three months working experiences at an analysis of foreign exchange activities of Jamuna Bank Limited. Jamuna Bank Limited is a Banking company registered under the companies Act, 1994 with its Head office at Hadi Mansion, 2, Dilkusha C/A, Dhaka-1000. The Bank started in operation form 3rd june 2001. It involved in many activities including foreign exchange business. The most important prerequisite of foreign exchange market is that the buyers and sellers are systematically in contract with each other for the purpose of executing foreign exchange activities.
The purpose of this report is to project a picture of foreign exchange trading in Jamuna Bank Limited. The report includes information about the divisions of the organization and a Banking service of the foreign exchange division. The study is based on both the primary & secondary data. These data ware collected form the face-to-face conversation and consulting with the respective officers, annual report & foreign exchange manual of the Bank, website & company’s recodes.

Modern banks play an important part in promoting economic development of a country. Banks provide necessary funds for executing various programs in progress in the process of economic development. Jamuna Bank performance in foreign trade department was quite satisfactory. The amount of total import was Tk. 46684.73 million and the amount of total export was Tk. 1389.4 million during the year 2011. The growth of import business was 35.07% while that in export, not harmonious though, was 14.97%. The items of imports were Iron/metal sheet, agricultural and agro-based product, Reconditioned car, Construction equipment while the export products were RMG, Jute goods, Leather & finished leather product.
Among various function of import department the executive of letter of credit (L/C) is the most important one which has direct import on national income. The mechanism of (L/C) includes the process form opening of an L/C. This also contains the settlement & payment of L/C, regulations for shipment of goods, transmission of documents and lodgment of import bills and so on. In the export department part, function of export department, export finance, types of export L/C, settlement, mode of payment, advising of export L/C & reporting to Bangladesh Bank are depicted.

The major finding of foreign exchange division are inadequate human resources, who have no sufficient knowledge about IT and data base networking system that can satisfied the customers, lack of data base networking information. By providing training to the employees about the useful software can make the employees capable of satisfying the customer. These may be possible to improve the condition of Jamuna Bank Limited.