Internship Report on Analyzing the Investment Performance of Shahajalal Islami Bank Ltd

“Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited is a bank based on Islamic shari’ah having largest branch network (84 Branches) among the private sector in Bangladesh. It was established on the 01th April 2001 under the companies Acc.1994. SJIBL authorized capital of the bank stood is Tk. 2, 000 million and paid-up capital is Tk. 4, 677.28 million. To execute this I logically arrange the report as chapter wise that includes introductory part, overview of the company,
Theoretical background Investment process & Disbursement stages, Findings and Recommendation parts. In introductory part I describe the way and the method in which I collect all the necessary data in preparing the report. In order to collect the secondary data different related materials like SJIBL Annual Report 2010, SJIBL website etc has been used. In theoretical background part I tried to give the definitions of the terms that are related to the investment division. In investment process and disbursement stage I describe the application stage, sanctioning stage, disbursement stage etc. In the year 2007 the investment was TK 20,616,605,335 Taka and 2011 it stand at Tk. 80,592,461,683 Taka. The investment amount increases year by year. The bank makes investment in various sector but they make maximum invest in industry development and lowest in travel sector. They measure all risk components before the investment. The bank monitors the investments regularly to protect the loss of investment. In analysis part, I showed the actual trend of investment, Mode wise investment, and sector wise investment etc over the last five years. From the study we get some findings about the Islamic banking. SJIBL invest following the Islamic shari’ah and to monitor this they also have a shai’ah council. Among the different modes they invest highly in Bai- Murabaha then the other modes. The income from the investment was increasing significantly in every year. On the basis of findings it can be recommended for SJIBL by which they can achieve their mission, vision, and objective such as- to improve bank’s financial position, I recommended them to monitor their investments, to provide more investment agriculture sector, reduce the overdue. The Bank is trying to increasing its investment quality by following Islamic rules strictly.