Report on export market potentials for computer software

Computer software development and processing services is a potential sector in Bangladesh’s export portfolio. The country is equipped with a sizeable manpower skilled in computer programming and systems management; a greater portion has been found ‘easily trainable’ and quite a number of private institutes, besides public universities and colleges, are presently engaged in imparting necessary knowledge and skill the field. The younger generation of the country has displayed immeasurable enthusiasm in mastering this state-of-the art technology, making indelible mark on the world software scenario.
Bangladesh stands out distinctly as a potential software-exporting nation, considering the analytical and technological ability of its people. Against this backdrop, the Government of Bangladesh made an in depth study on how the software sector of the country can be designed to suit the needs of the global market. Finally, as part of its marketing drive, Bangladesh is scheduled to participate in all international software fairs.
The focal point in Bangladesh for co-coordinating and synthesizing all activities, local and external, leading towards export of commodities and services from the country is the Export Promotion Bureau (EPB). This organization has been active since decades in nourishing nascent and potential export sectors of the country, ‘software’ being the latest and the most promising on its agenda.