Assignment on Mobile Phone

Mobile phone as a tool of modern technology is bringing new trends in the communicati
Mobile Phone
on as well as life style. This paper aims at the impact of mobile phone in the young people including children, teenagers, young adults and young professionals. The paper seeks to identify how the individuals responding to the mobile phone ranging from the age 3 to 30. The paper further explores the promotion of the increasing use of mobile phone in creating individualism and collective identity among the individuals of the young age.

 “Hello” the most commonly uttered word of the present world. ‘Wherever you may be, we are always with you’, with this type of advertising materials the mobile phone culture is gradually developing day by day. This has only become possible just because of the development of “Portable Technology” with a huge momentum. Because of the invention of these portable communication devices on the one hand the possibility of integrated relationship is developing and on the other the peer group communication is also degrading. Because of its availability, micro structure, cheap price, lucrative offers, facilities adopted within itself, possibility of easy communication and various other ingredients of entertainment the popularity of mobile phone is increasing day by day and thus it is becoming the most important and common device to use for communication, entertainment, public service, personalization and in some cases socialization also. At the present condition after birth a child is taking the taste of having of mobile phone not as an instrument of communication but as a toy that he/she likes most so as to entertain the child. Thus from the very beginning of their life the young generation are building their personal traits depending on some instrument which is very much a commercial product introduced by the corporations so as to gather an unidentified profit. Rather than hearing the poem recited by their mother while going to sleep, they are much more attracted towards the stylish mobile phone which is able to let them hear music and thus have an untiring sleep. It is the parents who want to have their child at the early age so as to make the communications easily and to be updated with their condition though it depends on the child which whom he/she wants to communicate most. Again the parents become much more dubious about their child when they consider their children are making unnecessary long time conversation with others and if parents try to make any hindrances in the way of communication then sometimes the children considered it to be an illegitimate obstacle in their independent life and thus the unseen but very magnetic clash between this two side generate.