Research Monograph On Human Rights Situation in Bangladesh: A Study on RAB

Bangladesh is the country of peace though it political culture is contentious and people hardly
enjoy their human rights. The government of Bangladesh signed all the treaty, convention, and agreement that directly related to human rights. Bangladesh is in leg behind in case of enjoying human rights. The government is tried to fulfill the basic rights of people but it is not performing it because of its structure. Existing structure motivated it to violate the human rights. Law enforcement agency also violates the human rights in Bangladesh. It is a debate whether the law enforcement agency doing it or not until we prove it. So the purpose of this study is to make an over view on law enforcement agency, like RAB, whether it is responsible to protect human rights or not.
‘Human rights’ which were called in the past rights of man, mean in general sense those rights which are inherent and inalienable in the nature of human beings and are very necessary for the expression of humanity and individuality. Inherence and inalienability are two important characteristics of human rights that have made it clearly distinct from general rights. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948, The International Covenants on civil and political Rights of 1966, The International covenants on Economic Social and Cultural Rights of 1966 are some international instrument of human rights. Following these sources of human rights several rights have been incorporated and given guarantee of implementation in the constitution of Bangladesh. The Proclamation of Independence of 10 April 1971 was the first constitution of Bangladesh. The basic purpose of the independence was to ensure equality, human dignity and social justice for the people of Bangladesh. But in reality it is far from its purpose.

Human rights situation in Bangladesh has been signaling deterioration since its independence. Torture, oppression, ill treatment, arbitrary arrest, murder, killing and so on is the common types of human rights violation area. To overcome all these conditions of human activities, a state or states all over the world introduce police system. So law enforcement agencies are the primary savior from all kinds of ill treatment and killing. As a third world country Bangladesh introduced police system since its independence to maintain law and order. In many cases it become success and some cases it may fall in trouble. To overcome this situation Bangladesh police introduced it’s another wing Rapid Action Battalions (RAB) in 2004. People of Bangladesh started to feel that they are more secure now than before. But situation was worsening day by day after the formation of RAB. It is commonly believe that security enforcement agency is entitled to maintain law and order in a country. But in case of Bangladesh security or law enforcement agency like RAB was a sign of death, torture, ill-treatment and so on. Since 2004, RAB killed more than one thousand people in the name of cross fire. In custody RAB are also doing different types of violent activists like torture, and inhuman activities.

Though Bangladesh constitution incorporated some fundamental and basic rights which are inalienable in nature and it also introduce law enforcement agency to safeguard these rights, however law enforcement agency like RAB is the prime violators of human rights in Bangladesh.