Report On Strategic Analysis of Uttara Finance & Investments Ltd.

NBFI Financial Institutions is new form of financial institutions, the functions of such institutions are relatively new and challenging compared with the conventional FIs. Leasing is one of the main concentrations of NBFIs and the function and operation of leasing closely related to the academic aspects of finance. This report is based on mainly on the experience and academic knowledge.

This report is prepared on strategic analysis of Uttara Finance and Investment Limited, which is one of the former NBFI in Bangladesh. The strategies of this bank have been evaluated by analyzing its short term and long term strategies. This report contains several chapters that are mainly designed to discuss the mission, vision, operations, distinctive products and services, company analysis, industry analysis of UFIL and to analyze the recommend for this institution.

I have discussed about Organization, Uttara Finance and Investments Limited, where I have tried to give an idea about UFIL which includes overview of UFIL, history, its functional department with their function, importantly its products and service offering to us, sources of fund, and disbursement of funds, lease operational procedure, required documents for lease, some major events and future plan.

After that, the report has been articulated. Importantly in this section I have tried to evaluate the performance of UFIL, simply it can be said that an analytical assessment of UFIL. Here, I have tried to analyze mainly from two points of view, which are- Intra Company Analysis, and Intercompany analysis. Income Statement (audited) and Balance Sheet (audited) have been analyzed in intercompany analysis over three period of time FY2011, FY2012. In intercompany Analysis, comparative analysis tools have been used to evaluate performance of UFIL in compare to two other NBFIs‟ (IDLC, ULC) also with same industry average over the same period of time. Besides these, I have also shown it’s sector-wise sanctioned lease position and its recovery rate. Therefore, from the above point of view I have tried to analyze UFIL and tried to bring out the position of UFIL in industry.

Uttara Finance and Investments Limited (henceforward UFIL), a joint venture leasing and financing company, registered as a non-bank financial institution under the Financial Institutions Act 1993 and the Companies Act 1994 with the license from Bangladesh NBFI to operate and transact all kinds of businesses as provided under the relevant laws. UFIL upholds its commitment towards the development of financial service sector by offering high quality services to the local entrepreneurs. UFIL always focuses to the ever changing and challenging business environment, thus endeavor to diversify into other financial services, which have long-term prospects. With its continuous drive to improve, UFIL is well on track to be considered as one of the leading leasing company of the country by adopting the organizational vision to serve the nation through the participation in the development of the economy as a leading company of Bangladesh.