Term Paper on CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY in Context of Unilever, Bangladesh and Global Scenario

These report highlights, the concept of evaluation of corporate social responsibility based on the performance of Unilever, Bangladesh and global scenario. This report will help other companies to compare the intended to obtain greater efficiency and how to analyze the performance of any company which intends to start the corporate social responsibility. The performance of Unilever, Bangladesh shows that CSR was totally justified and rational as the company has a higher profit and increasing its profit day by day. Company is committed to provide better service to them.

  • In response to the numerous social challenges facing businesses.
  • The model of social responsiveness includes the policy stage, the learning stage, and the organizational commitment stage.
  • Global citizenship begins with perspective, respect, and commitment to work within the framework of a nation's values and ethics.
  • Corporate social responsibility means that a corporation should be held accountable for any of its actions that affect people, their communities, and their environment. Businesses must recognize their vast power and wield it to better society.
  • Corporate social responsibility is a highly debatable notion. Some argue that its benefits include discouraging government regulation and promoting long-term profitability for the firm.

Social Responsibility is a concept well known in the corporate world and beyond that. Businesses all over the world have practiced only profit-making actions at past but not for long as the enterprises started to develop complexities and wideness in size and actions so was their reach getting bigger and bigger. As every person has his own social responsibilities towards the society so does the business firms. The idea that business has social obligations above and beyond making a profit is corporate social responsibility. However, it is regretful that though internationally it is being practiced widely, Bangladesh is still lagging behind. The difference between the world standard and the practice in Bangladesh shows the lacking here and the scope for development