A Term Paper on The Relations Of Police With Other Departments Of Civil Service: A Critical Study

Government has three main organs to execute the policies and maintain smooth administration so that the rule of law established and people get equal opportunities from the state and easy access for getting equal service. These organs are: 1) Executive 2) Legislature 3) judiciary. Police is a part of executive organ of the government. It is a visible part of the government. Good governance, rule of law, human rights, security of life and property, economic development, reducing crime, keeping social harmony, the ultimate development of a country is depend on how efficiently police deliver their services how much they are responsive and the relationship or co-ordination of police with other department of civil service, because the efficiency of police is impinge on how much police maintain a good relation with other department such as- administration cadre, judicial department, tax cadre, custom cadre, education and railway department etc. In this paper I have tried to present the relations between police and other department; the present scenario, what type of relation would be exist and what is the standard. The regular work of police is to prevent and detect the crime and criminal and bring the offender under justice to ensure rule of law. So, to do their main object police have need a good relation with general administration and judicial department I shall give emphasize critically on this relationship.
Police is a executive part of the government and this part is gone ore close to the people than any other department of the government. The deceased person goes to the police to get justice and police is a gate for the people through which they enter with hope that they will get justice which is the pie duty of the state. Police is a initial stage where people goes when they feces danger of their life and property and our constitution article 25 to 44 provide them some fundamental rights including security of life and property and police plays a vital role to provide such fundamental rights. To do such act police need to co-ordinate with other government department of civil service especially admin, judicial, tax, custom, and railway department are directly related with police. Police should maintain a good relation with general administration- SP and DIG should maintain a good relation with DC and Divisional Commissioner, this is important for performing the regular activities of police such as-

Executive enquiry conducted by the DC or Divisional Commissioner or any executive magistrate after opening fire by police.
  • Executing mobile court in order to control the general crime and reducing criminal activities.
  • After the verdict of the court or as per direction of the court for destroying the seized narcotics and alcohol.
  • To disburse the government allocation in different classes of the people properly.
  • To control the crime by efficient co-ordination among different organs of the government.
  • To execute the government jointly and efficiently.
  • To keep social harmony and ensuring the security of life and property of the people.
In the same way relation between police and judicial department is important for the people to get justice. After occurring a criminal offence the deceased goes to the police and police start the procedure for ensuring justice such as for cognizable offence police apprehend the offender, taking First Information Report (FIR) and investigation. After completion of investigation police submit the report to the court ad court start the judgment on the basis of police investigation court gives direction to the police time to time for ensuring justice and police are legally bound to implement the order of the court. So police and judicial department are closely related to perform their own duty and establishing the rule of law and good governance.

The total development of a country is depending on how the general condition of administration is maintained. The main duty of police is to maintain law and order, so police is related with every department of civil service such as railway department, police has a railway unit to maintain railway administration sound, custom and tax they seek the help of the police and police is legally bound to provide such help.