Research Paper On Rape in Bangladesh-Perception of Students of Dhaka University

Violence against women is a common social phenomenon all over the world. It is not a problem for women only, but also a great obstacle in the path of world peace, progress and development. It is one of main hindrance in the process of establishing social equality and justice. It is thought that “women’s rights around the world are an important indicator to understand global well-being.”1 Violence against women refers to any private or public act that is likely to humiliate their physical, cultural, religious and traditional values, which perpetuate patriarchal attitudes at different levels of society and restrict human empowerment. In their underpowered state, women have minimal access to material resources and as such lack autonomy and decision-making authority. From philosophical view, “women were, historically, the first oppressed group.”2 In Bangladesh women are victimized by different kinds of violence. Most common acts of violence are torture, acid throwing, dowry, kidnapping. Among these types rape is one and the most important issue. As an ongoing social problem Rape is on dreadful increase in the recent time.

Human rights or humanitarian aspects are major concern for the global community. The policies taken by the individual country or international organizations are motivated by the humanitarian aspects. Humanitarian issue is one of the focus points in current world politics. In this case, rape is considered as the violation of human rights. As being the student of International Relations, the researcher has opted to work on this issue. Another vital point is that whether there are laws and regulations against rape, therefore, the incident rape is increasing through the whole world along with in our country which is quite surprising. With process of modernization the frequency of rape is doubling, even in some regions it is tripling which a great concern is for the world community. On the other hand, modernization has its impact on social structure which further paves way for rape. All these things are influential in case of rape which make researcher curious to trace out the causes and consequences of rape within our social structure.

From the very beginning of human civilization women have been being discriminated and fell victims of many violent activities. And in this modern period also violence against women is a common scenario throughout the whole world. Bangladesh isn’t out of this scenario as violence against women is happening here and there in this developing country, from family life to their professional life. Rape is dreadful one of all these violent activities. Rape is a type of sexual assault initiated by one or more persons against another person without that person's consent. The act may be carried out by physical force, or where the person is under threat or manipulation, or with a person who is incapable of valid consent. The causes and consequences behind this inhuman activity are multi dimensional. That is why the researcher opts to work with this inhuman part of human civilization, aiming to unfold the hidden scenarios of domestic, workplace, and custodial environment of our non-permissive society in regard to rape. The main focus point of this paper is to bring answer to the question- Why rape is prevailing in our socio-cultural premises? What are the indirect causes working behind rape? And how can we protect this inhuman activity? The paper will work as a portrayal of recent trends and causes of rape as a larger arena of violence against women and adolescent girls. Also the paper endeavors to identify socioeconomic, political, religious, and cultural factors that widen the circumstances for rape and impinge upon our social life as well. At the ending, the researcher also tries to scrutinize the role of society and rape itself as a problem on the basis of sociological imagination. Finally, a number of recommendations will be provided by the researcher by analyzing the findings that may help the policy maker and analyst in future in this field.