A descriptive Foreign Trade Operation of Mercantile Bank Ltd

Banks are most active financial intermediary in today’s world. As a financial institution bank mainly operate to communicate among persons and effectively works as safeguard among them in this age globalization. In recent economy banks plays a vital role to entrust international trade, it’s quite impossible to commit international without help of banks and it also properly works to hedge away risk international traders. Banks operates most effectively to settle any transactions within different countries either trade purposes or personal purposes. This report tries to identify banks role foreign exchange management through evaluating foreign exchange operations of MBL, Banani branch. I examine different aspects foreign exchanges innovation, development, regulations and related work papers to identify its impact, position and usefulness as banking procedures. The report provides a general view on Mercantile Bank Limited, theoretical aspects related to international trade and foreign exchange transactions as well as gives idea about foreign exchange regulations used in Bangladesh to control related financial institutions.
 This study also tries to clarify the operating procedures of foreign exchange department of MBL as a commercial bank and also tries to identify some aspects of further improvement in operations. It may help us to provide a scenario of foreign exchange control system in Bangladesh and foreign exchange transitions procedures applied in Bangladeshi commercial banks.