A Dissertation Report On Retail Banking

This report named “Retail Banking and Performance Evaluation of The City Bank Ltd.

This report comprises of 7(seven) chapters –

First chapter provides the background of the study. It describes the origin, Objective, scope & limitations of the report. Second chapter describes the methodology of the report that covers the sources of data, techniques of analysis and the relevant data table for Time series analysis using Least squares method and Regression analysis. Third Chapter describes about the Retail Banking, Services & Profile of the City Bank Limited. Fourth Chapter provides SWOT analysis & a graphical presentation of last Five years performance of the bank. It also describes about the deposit mix of the CBL and the contribution of the different accounts in the deposit mix and the percentage of these deposit accounts in the total deposit collections for last five years. Here different schemes of the CBL, its contribution in deposit are also described. Fifth Chapter provides a comparative study between prime Bank, Brac Bank & the City Bank ltd. Sixth Chapter describes Different kinds of Ratio analysis which helps to express the financial performance about City Bank. Here the result of the Time Series analysis and the regression analysis and findings regarding this report is also expressed. Seventh Chapter describes the Policy implication and the conclusion part of the report.

The report also tried to get attached with the new era of the restructured function of the City Bank Ltd. as it is going for the Business Matrix from the Corporate Department Model. A part is included at the end of the report that suggests some remedial measures of the study.