Report on Nation Branding Of Bangladesh as A Tourism Based County through World Cup Cricket T20 2014

This report is prepared as a part of the BBA internship program. I choose “Nation Branding of Bangladesh as a tourism based country through world cup T20 2014”. The topic of my research report is to find out different way and strategy for Nation branding of Bangladesh as tourism based county through world cup. Tourism has considered as the world’s largest and rapid growing industry of modern business world. It has a vital influence on economic development of a country. Bangladesh is a new tourist destination on the map of the world. Bangladesh has enormous potential to
develop tourism because of its attractive natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. Tourism can add value in the Bangladeshi economy if proper marketing plan and strategy can be built and implemented for this purpose. However, this industry fails to reach its destination due to adequate marketing practice. According to International cricket council (ICC), the next world cup cricket t20 will be held in Bangladesh. So it is a great opportunity for Bangladesh to showcase itself as tourism brand in front of tourist coming to watch world cup match in Bangladesh. This paper aims to show the present scenario of tourism industry in Bangladesh, Identify the constraints, and suggest remedial measure to increase tourist attraction towards Bangladesh and way to provide greater tourist satisfaction.

The choice of the Bangladesh as host for the World cup cricket T20 2014 Created a unique opportunity for the country to change its international positioning strategy. The only time Bangladesh hosted the world cup was the ODI world cup 2011, in Dhaka & Chittagong, and the event was joint effort with India and Srilanka. Bangladesh could not create much more international exposure in the international arena because of lack of proper implementation of strategy. Thus the world cup 2014 may be not only the first largest event ever held in Bangladesh but also a huge international “comeback opportunity” to present a stronger, better, more glamorous as well as to re-position the country’s image globally.

Bangladesh, the poverty stricken country, located in a disaster prone delta at the center of Bay of Bengal and surrounded by the massive India on 3 sides and the introvert Myanmar on the south, is known to the world as a backward developing country. Internationally, Bangladesh is seen as a country afflicted with many problems like political instability, hunger, population growth bomb, corruption, natural disasters, illiteracy, human rights violation and a country heavily dependent on foreign donations. Well this international image of Bangladesh has been initiated mainly by the international media notably BBC, CNN and VOA. When Bangladesh became the top corrupted country for five times, the international media highlighted it with due importance. When Bangladesh was torn by Cyclone Sidr and Aila, the international media reported the natural disasters in such a fashion that Bangladesh is still unable to provide its citizens with basic living needs; the international media also highlighted the poverty of people who were affected by the devastating cyclones. This continued trend of portraying Bangladesh as a good-for-nothing, stray and a country with no developments even after 40 years of its independence has made Bangladesh an ignored and “not to be given importance” country in the world. But every country has its positives and negatives and the international community failed to notice the positives of Bangladesh as a country while concentrating too much on her negatives.

To remove all the negative aspect and image surrounding Bangladesh and to make Bangladesh as a beautiful and prospective country it highly recommended to rebranding Bangladesh.
It is matter of great happiness that International Cricket Council (ICC) has announced Bangladesh as a host for the ICC World Twenty20 2014 tournament.

Now-a-days twenty20 is the most popular among all three types of cricket. People are very much interested to enjoy the game in the field.

Some 80,000-100000 foreign guests are expected to come to Bangladesh to see the 2014 ICC Cricket World Cup matches. The host countries -- Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka -- are now busy giving facelift to the tournament venues. But this mega event is especially significant for Bangladesh. This is the first time the country is going to host the cricket world cup. Although it host 2011 world cup but it was joint effort with India and srilanka. This will given the country a huge opportunity to showcase itself in the global arena. Marketing and cricket experts agree this is the time to brand the nation through the ICC Cricket World Cup. This is a special case of branding, since sports marketing have become highly sophisticated in recent years. Cricket is no longer only a game; this world cup tournament has secured its place in the top most category of the entertainment industry. If we want to portray Bangladesh positively to foreign guests, we analyze the situation to find the strengths and weakness of our country. The government should launch an intensive nation branding campaign by focusing on the positive image of our country. We have to develop nation branding strategy for Bangladesh, supported by unique brand positioning to reduce our identity-image gap as a nation