Assignment On The Human Communication Process

Now a days human communication has become very easier and swifter. But this development of human communication is a continuous process. From the starting of human society it is becoming faster and easier. For the development of science and teratology human can communication easily. There are various eases of developing human communication and these reasons compel human to develop their communication. 
To prepare this term paper of had to visit public library, Dhaka university central library, Mass communication department seminar library. I have also searched internet various daily news paper weekly and monthly magazine. Then I have to choose various relative information on this topic. 

If you were asked Lo define "communication" during an important job inter­view, where would 'you begin? You might mention a speaker, a listener, sharing of information, transmission of symbols, or a variety of other descriptive terms. However, as you try to define this concept more completely,) you may have problems in choosing the right words to express your. ideas, You may also find it difficult to answer related questions that the interviewer. , might ask. The problem is that defining communication is akin to defining the concept of love. Intuitively, we feel we understand it, but it's difficult to put into words.

Interestingly enough, communication experts have never agreed m a single definition of communication. The reason is that it all depends on your perspective. For our purposes, we will define communication as a process in which interrelated elements work together to achieve a desired, outcome or goal. Because we view communication as a process, we also, perceive it to be dynamic, ever-changing, and unending. In other words, the conversation that you had with a friend yesterday affects you as a commu­nicator today. Additionally, the hundreds of bits of information, ideas, and, opinions that you process, evaluate, and store each day also change year to some extent. By tomorrow, you will have changed even more. Fortunately, this process is usually slow and subtle. Otherwise you might be in a constant state of confusion and frustration.

Another important key to understanding communication is to realize that communication events not occur in isolation from one another: Each interaction that you have a each one that follows, and not always simple, direct manner. For example, your girlfriend (or spouse) tells you, without warning that she is seeing someone else. This "bombshell" may result in your lashing out at a friend or co-worker later that day when reminds you of a project deadline that you must meet. The next day you are both less able to communicate effectively with one another because o your preoccupation with the previous day's communication experiences-and the process continues.