Internship Report on Assessment of Customer Satisfaction on Bank Services: A Study of HSBC Bangladesh

This Internship Report is a final requirement for the M.B.A. program. As a part of the internship program, I was placed in “HSBC Bangladesh”. The topic of my study is “Assessment of Customer Satisfaction on Bank Services: A Study of HSBC Bangladesh”. The objective of the report is to maintain a balance and forecast on the Customer who are the more crucial party of all banking facilities. The bank cannot be run in a over fledged way if the customer base is too weak. To retain the existing customer and to create a policy to cast new customer in a bank, a bank is always busy and concentrated. HSBC is not the exceptional. As of December 2011 HSBC has already more than 1,62,000 customers where 1,39,000 customers are always active and almost 27,000 customers are enjoying the banking business being a small active through Unclaimed and Dormant Account maintenance.
So this customer is a very crucial and important part of a bank to deal the business in a more flexible outrun and to get a constant message to deal business in a growing concern. If banks are to improve their satisfaction and loyalty ratings and differentiate themselves from the competition, they need to understand what really drives satisfaction and loyalty. They also need to know which areas have the greatest room for improvements. There is little point in intervening resources in areas that are important but are performing well, or in areas that there is much room for improvement but they are not important in driving satisfaction and loyalty. Thus HSBC managers need to know what levers to push to increase these measures of success. To deal with that here I conduct a survey on customer on 5 basis points: Reliability, Responsiveness, Assurance, Care & Empathy and Tangibles. On each point the customer justification is properly judged through different issues. Then I made a GAP Analysis on the dimensions. I also compared this service with other banks as well as add the customer compliant and overall satisfaction scale and matrix analysis. This whole procedure is done for the judgment of the customer satisfaction their loyalty to deal with business with the bank. That is the benefit of the bank --to make any customer be loyal at any point of time irrespective of bank’s good and worse situation.

Banking is one the most competitive industry in Bangladesh that has seen a huge amount of growth during the last decade. A large number of new banks have made their places in the industry and yet there are more to register in the list. In such a highly competitive service industry, the importance of customer satisfaction cannot be de-emphasized. Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty gives a firm better base than its rivals and allows it flourish in the industry. HSBC is the leading provider of financial services worldwide and it is one of the top ten multinationals currently operating in the world. With its strong corporate image and identity it can make better position in the minds of customers. This image has helped HSBC to grab the personal banking sector of Bangladesh very rapidly. HSBC is one of the most flourishing Banks of Bangladesh with wide growth opportunities in the industry. HSBC with its strong corporate image and organizational strength can successfully utilize the opportunities and overcome its weaknesses.

1.1 Origin of the Report
This report has been prepared as a requirement of the MBA internship program. The report has been titled as “Assessment of Customer Satisfaction on Bank Services: A Study of HSBC Bangladesh”. The reason behind choosing this topic is that, recently a great emphasis has given on better customer service and more customer satisfaction. In today Mystery Shoppers’ program is properly introduced to know the employees ratings so that the bank easily can enhance their efficiency towards customers. This is also for counting the customer satisfaction and draws the customer attention in a wide and organized range. There is an opportunity to collect latest data from the customer in a way by which the customer can easily activate and disclosed the required information through the questionnaire.

1.2 Statement of the Problem
In banking business Customer is a great to expand the business and the maintenance of stability. As a foreign bank HSBC have to deal with the various customer s regarding their business. They have to maintain the proper channel to evaluate their business and to keep the customer in touch. To do this business they have to know the customer attention on their service and product and their creativeness to expand this proper facility to every exciting customer as well as new customer. As a student of banking there is an opportunity to cope up the problem with proper knowledge & judgment and figure out the customer convenient service regarding their business through a well organized and proper survey maintaining the participation of all parties. To do this with proper channel Questionnaire building and mention all the marking facilities with the standardization of the problem is essential. HSBC is one of the experts in acquiring various firms and organizations. In Bangladesh it can also diversify quickly by acquiring various local established banks and increase its total operation within Bangladesh rapidly. HSBC has a very narrow operating span in Bangladesh. It has only 8 full service branches in Bangladesh situated only at Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet. Various geographic segments are currently not availing the services of HSBC due to inconvenient branch location or absence of neighborhood branches. So the real customer satisfaction is faced a great question regarding the business and its policy. To drive this and to deal this with a very cautious and proactive way this survey is more crucial to make a comment and decision deliver.

1.3 Rationale of the Report
Consumer banking industry has been treated as a prospective financial sector in Bangladesh. More and more banks and non-bank financial companies are entering the industry. The industry became so attractive that multinational bank like HSBC has entered the market and wants to lead the market. However, the entrance of banks like HSBC has brought revolutionary changes in banking services. People get better service than ever before. Bank is always run with the existing and new customer to continue its business in a full-fledged way. HSBC is not the exceptional to do this. So measure the customer satisfaction in their banking arena is more crucial to do business in a country. As the services improved workflow of the banks has been changed dynamically as well. Banks use more sophisticated ways to assess loans. Quick assessment process pressurizes the customer service officers to use sophisticated ways of service assessment. Though HSBC uses its own investigation along with third party investigation for loan assessment the whole procedure may be developed furthermore. The actual procedures, mechanisms and flow of activities at customer service should be well-managed and structured in order to form a good experience of the service in the minds of customers. As the services of the Bank are complex in nature, the employees should provide adequate guidance to customers in order to avoid service failures. Thus the whole process should follow a broad service philosophy, which is tailored to customer needs.