Assignment on Ecotourism

The paper examine the existing trends, situation and principles of ecotourism Discusses about the impacts of ecotourism and also the major factors affecting ecotourism in Bangladesh. Arguing in favor of some recommendations and also for the realization of participatory sustainable management and development of ecotourism.
To approach an understanding of the problem, a clear definition must delineate what is, and is not, ecotourism. Ideally, ecotourism satisfies several general criteria, including the conservation of diversity and cultural diversity through ecosystem protection, promotion of sustainable use of biodiversity, share of - socio economic benefits with local communities through informed consent and participation, increase in environmental and cultural knowledge, affordability and reduced waste, and minimization of its own environmental impact. In such ways, it contributes to the long term benefits to both the environment and local communities.
Many definitions of “ecotourism” have been emerged since the term was coined in 1987. In 1991, the Ecotourism Society (TES) developed the following definition: “responsible travel to natural areas that covers the environment and sustains the well being of local people”. However the ecotourism society adds social responsibilities to define ecotourism as “purposeful travel to the natural areas that creates an understanding of cultural and natural history of the environment, safeguarding the integrity of the ecosystem while producing economic opportunities that make the conservation of natural resources beneficial to local people”. Some refer to ecotourism as nature based tourism. Even if the details vary most definitions of ecotourism mean a special form of tourism that meets there criteria like: 1. It provides for conservation measures, 2.It includes meaningful community participation: and 3.It is profitable and can sustain itself.

2. Aims and Objective
1. To know the various aspects of ecotourism.
2. To what extent do ecotourism address the benefit and impact on environment.
3. What are the factors that make ecotourism not contributing to sustainable management of tourism.

3. Ecotourism Principles :
· To minimize impact
· To build environmental and cultural awareness and respect
· To provide positive experiences for both visitors and hosts
· To provide direct financial benefits for conservation
· To Provide financial benefits and empowerment for local people
· To raise sensitivity to host countries’ political, environmental, and social climate.