Assignment on a successful Entrepreneur

Why do people want to start and run independent business? why is there increasing interest in doing one’s own thing and doing it by one’s own way? Different answers may come from different people. Md. Shahinul Islam, an entrepreneur, owner of a fisheries business and two market businesses and other businesses started his business because he loves creativity and challenges to run independent businesses.

Personal History :

Birth of an entrepreneur :
Md. Shahinul Islam (Shahine) was born on 15th January, in 1965 in the village of Virpushia under karatia thana of Tangail district. His father is an estabilshed businessman in Tangail. His mother is a housewife. They have three children among them Md. Shahinul Islam is youngest. So he was born in a business family and was motivated and oriented in the same way.

Educational Background :
He passed S.S.C examination in 1980 from commerce group with 2nd division from karatia School, Tangail and H.S.C examinatin in 1984 from commerce group from Bhuyapur college, Tangail with first division and took 9th place in Dhaka board. Then he was admitted into the karatia shahadat university and college. In 1991 he passsed the honours final examination with 2nd class in management and again took 7th place. In the year 1994 he secured 2nd class in his M.Com in management with 13th place.

Conjugal Life :
He got married in 1991. His wife Mir Kakali Iqbal, D/O Mir Iqbal Hossain, is an executive officer of Prime Bank, Tangail. She did her masters degree from Rajshahi university. They are blesssed with one daughter.

Business History :
From the very Beginning :
Since boyhood, Mr. Shine had entrepreneurial vision. He always had an attraction towards business. because he had the origin in a business family, from the college life, he has a knack towards carring on independent business. He conceived the idea from his father’s business. But always wanted to do something by his own terms. His academic result was excellent. He was offered very high salaried jobs. But he did not join in any jobs. In the college life, he was involved in contractor business.

Emerging of a fisheries Business :
He formally started his own business of fisheries in 1990 when he was a student of honors course. He acquired eight acres land by heritage. He digged a fish pond using 1 acre land. He started his business with only Tk. 25000.00 (Twenty five thousand). He grew various fishes on the pond and earned handsome profit by selling these fishs. He was able to make satisfactory success in the very first year in his business. He also cultivated various vegetables and fruits by the side of the pond. He reinvested his earning from the pond to dig another pond and grew more fishs. In thisway, now he is the owner of four ponds.

Joining in the family Business :
At the same time he joined his father’s business. His father has a three stored building with cloth market and godown. This market situated in the Karatia Hat (Village market) Tangail, the second largest Hat of Bangladesh for cloth which arranged in every week. He was given the responsibility to run this business. He always fulfills his responsibility with utmost sincerity and devotion. His family expenses are beared by the income from this market and rest of the income is saved to reinvest.

His elder brother is a textile engineer. He influenced his brother to start a business his brother established a textile mill in their village. But his brother is a service holder. He works in Dhaka. So, Mr. Shahine is also given the responsibility of managing the mill.