Report on General Administration and youth Development of Bangladesh

The field attachment program is an important part and parcel of the 2nd foundation course for officers of the Bangladesh Civil commission. Conducted by Bangladesh civil service Administration Academy. This program certainly enriches the trainee’s practical knowledge about field administration and poverty alleviation relating with Upazilla youth development office. Burichang Comilla.
Under the 2nd foundation course for officers of the Bangladesh Election commission. I was attached to Burichang Upazilla of Comilla District from June,13, 2009 to June 15, 2009, Accordingly I reported to the Upazilla Nirbahi Officers Mr. Md. Mokhkesur Rahman Akonda UNO. Burichang Upazilla of Comilla District. On May 13, 2009 at 3.30 pm and collected information from the office of UNO. Next two days I collected information from Upazilla youth Development office and poverty alleviation relating this office.

The information has been gleaned in the official document and other papers. I collected other information face to face to the officer by question verbally. By collecting data and processing it as per necessary.

Upazilla Administration is the basic administration of our country. Youth are the future hope of our nation. Youth Development office of the most important Department. The directorate of youth development is taking multi dimensional activities to turn this potential youth farce into national asset. Mentionable these are motivation time befitting training programme post training loan facilities and it constant maintaining I thinks there in a great scope of the study. The vast majority of the youth who are poor, doing properly alleviation by the Upazilla youth Development office Burichang Upazilla Administration and relating properly alleviation with Upazilla youth development office is the specific area of my study.