Research Proposal on Factors about the Educational Facilities for re-establishment in Bangladesh

Educational attainment is part of who are and what we want to become. The same feeling could be felt for the children of the sex workers in Bangladesh. But unfortunately the system of education for these children in Bangladesh is subjected to the dependence of NoN- Goverment organizational sources. Over the years variety of complications grew out of several conditions and factors that affect the process of educational attainment of these students. In spite of all the barriers and obstacles, these students are making their own position and securing a place at Nation.
Educational attainment is a complicated and relative term since it is directed, influenced and determined by other internal and external factors. The condition is even more complex for them who are fighting for a constantly for their existence, let alone their educational achievement. In spite of all the negativities, I have tried to focus on the educational achievement among the educational attainment among these students.

1.1 Background and Context of the Study
Education should be a basic right to them. They do not get their desired facilities from the state.

1.2 Rationale of the Study
Educational achievement is mandatory for a society and thus for a nation. Education as a right is not that available for them, if available, not in the fashion they would have like it to achieve. But they have their own patterns to cope with demanding situation. Therefore, it is an interesting and thought- provoking issue that needs proper analysis and further research for policy recommendation. This research is a small scale effort to analyze the patterns of educational achievement among these chieldren.

1.3 Importance of the Study
Education is one most dominated sector. Besides, their education is also influenced by many more factors, which would be analyzed throughout the study. Indeed this research solely focus on the educational achievement of these students on the basis of analyzing their accommodation, acceptance among their peer groups and many more issues – here lies the importance of the study.

1.4 Scope of the Study
1.4.1 Educational Attainment & achievement
The study aims to understand the pattens of educational attainment among these children who are currently under cover by AB. Like the diversities in their social identity & their educational patterns are very diverse and interesting. That is why the study focuses to discover the underlying patterns among the students.