Report on Industrial Relations Practices of Industrial Technology In Bangladesh

Technology has a tremendous influence in any developed and developing industries. Today, no one can run their organization without the help of new technology. But in Bangladesh the industrial sector is not up to the mark in using technology. There are some companies who are pioneer in using technology in Bangladesh. Among all of them Conforce Limited is an exponential company. It has been using the state-of-the-art technology in bricks producing sector. The technology helps them not just with the present but also approximating the future.
This study is prepared based on Conforce Limited. Relevant data are collected through both primary and secondary sources. A questionnaire has been prepared for getting required information regarding technology and its impact. For producing bricks and ceramics, they use various types of technology. Those technologies are namely Hoffmann kiln, Tunnel kiln, Back hoe, Bull's Trench Kiln, etc. They introduced Hoffmann kiln technology first in Bangladesh. Now they are the lone producer of fire bricks.

Different types of clay are their main raw material for producing bricks. They collect raw materials mainly from the district Comilla.

In the production sector, the technology is helping them by minimizing cost, increasing productivity and service quality, modernizing working environment, etc. Latest technology helps in fulfilling desired production target. But with the same time, it is also facing some troubles. Because new technology is highly cost involved, increases more foreign dependency, creates social imbalance, reduces employment, etc.

The Conforce Limited is also facing with some challenges towards technology. Their working environment is dusty and noisy. In the fire places, the environment is very hot and it is not worker friendly. For this reason their worker turnover is high.

Based on their problems some suggestions are mentioned in the last part of this report. With the honest and coordinated effort, the Conforce Limited can solve their problems. The company’s overall picture is satisfactory, their workers are very hard working and technological usage is best. The Conforce Limited will do better in near future in using technology.