Project Report on the communication process of HSBC and Dhaka Bank

A company can be known as a High Performance Organization (HPO) if it has better and effective communication system, which helps that organization to be productive and dynamic. A better and effective communication means building up relationship between people which through a flow of information and knowledge. In such a competitive age companies cannot deny the importance of communication, so they are trying to use communication tools to improvise their communication skills and make it more effective.
We had conducted our research on communication system of two banks, one of them is Dhaka Bank – a local bank (private), and another one is HSBC – a multinational bank. Through our research we tried to find out what type of communication system they are following and its effectiveness. We also compared and contrasted the strategy of communication they follow. This report will describe about the company, its communication structure, details about them, about their stakeholders and company benefit, target market and marketing strategy to make proper demand for them in the market.

Objective of the Report

The main objectives of this report are as follows:
  • To find out their existing communication system
  • To check its effectiveness
  • To find out how they deal internally and externally
  • To find out their lacking in communication
  • To find out stake holder’s response to their approaches
 Scope of the Report
The main scopes of this report were as follows:
  • The communication relation among the investors
  • The communication relation with the foreign branches
  • The contingency procedures of communication
 Methodology of the Report
  • Research work
·         Questionnaires: Both open ended and close ended
·         Primary Reference: Following the primary or own-functioned research work
·         Secondary Reference: Following the secondary or results from another’s research work.
·         Interview
·         Record Review
·         Observation
 Limitations of the Report
  • Time limitations
  • Lack of co-operation for their confidentiality
  • Political instability