Assignment on Problems of Vegetables Marketing in Dhaka city

The objective of this assignment is to identify the problems of vegetable marketing in Dhaka city. As a student of marketing, in this study I gave more emphasize on evaluating the marketing aspect of vegetable marketing process in Dhaka City. Through this evaluating, I tried to observe and identify the problems that are marketers face. The problems, I got through this study- these are mention shortly in below.
Vegetables is a highly perishable products, that is why it should consumed or to reach final buyer within 2/3 days. But some time it could not be possible due to unavoidable condition. So, a risk of damaging the product is lying with the marketing agencies. Besides this problem, marketers are facing some others problems, these are: - Products availability and unavailability - Using harmful chemicals, etc.
Another factor is pricing that marketer face various problems, these are: Rain-fall and flood, Natural calamity, Demand & supply factor, Law and order situation, etc.

Karwan Bazar is the main whole sale market place in the Dhaka city. It is situated in busy area, and traffic police department restricted to entrance of rickshaw, ven-gari in peak hours. Besides this problem, others problems are: Transportation, Distribution, Storage and Extortion, etc.

The govt. bans the polyethylene bag, but alternatives are not available. As a result, retailers are facing problems to sell and packaging the products.

Bangladesh has very fertile and the climate is mainly tropical. About two third of the total area of Bangladesh are suitable for growing agro-products and forestry. Therefore, the country’s economy is mainly based on agriculture.

Dhaka as a capital and over populated city has a huge market for vegetables. There are some channels or intermediaries to collect these vegetables from different part of the country and distribute them to different market place in the city. Marketers are fix-up the prices with considering some pricing strategy, e.g. competition based, demand based, and sometimes cost based pricing.
We know the marketing process depends on 4 P’s, these are Product, Price, Promotion and Place- Packaging is the new one. In below discussed about the marketing mix and their problems of vegetable marketing in Dhaka city.