Marketing Strategy Of Newspapers In Bangladesh- A Special Case Study On The Daily Prothom Alo

The main focus of my report is to understand and describe the various tools of marketing used in newspaper industry as well as the newspaper industry. To do so I have selected Prothom Alo, as it is the number one daily (in terms of circulation) of our country. My report will also cover the marketing problems of Prothom Alo. In our country prothom alo has created a new buzz in media industry in terms of marketing strategy. Their unique way of doing business made the whole media industry to think in a new way. My initiative will be to trace down the strategies and learn from those for my future life.

The primary objective of the study is to identify and describe the use of various elements of marketing mix in the newspaper industry of Bangladesh through focusing the marketing practices of the highest circulated newspaper, Prothom Alo. This report has been carried out with the following specific objectives:
1) To understand the whole market situation of newspaper industry.
2) To narrate the distribution channel of Prothom Alo.
3) To illustrate the promotional activities of Prothom Alo.
4) To identify the current marketing problems of prothom Alo.
5) To find out the ways of increasing the marketing efficiency of Prothom Alo.

This report is basically descriptive by nature and is prepared on the basis of secondary data.

The sources of these secondary data are the relevant
� Official documents of The Prothom Alo,
� The published articles of different research works
� Different magazines, and
� Reports of various government authorities and independent market research projects of various private research firms.

Scope of the Study This report does not focus on the marketing practices of all the major newspapers of Bangladesh. Rather it pays attention on the Prothom Alo, the number one (according to the volume of Circulation) daily newspaper of the country.