Internee is an important part in the MBA program. It has given an opportunity to practically learn about the corporate world, its functions and gather experience.

I was always curious about Islamic banking and finance and want to know its investment practices. Interest is very harmful for our society. I wanted to know how Islami bank is providing services without considering interest. So I wanted to perform my internee in Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd. I am very grateful to Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd that it has given me the opportunity to perform my internee in their bank.

I have chosen Welfare Investment Schemes of IBBL as my topic of the internee report. It has helped me to better understand the investment mechanism, its procedure, terms and conditions. I have been able to understand how Islamic banks are providing interest-free services to its clients. Interest is very harmful for our society. It creates inflation, social unrest, unemployment, poverty, crimes in our society. Although interest is harmful for our society, most of the financial institutions are based on interest. But at present many financial institutions have understand the need of interest free services and for that reason they have opened Islamic banking wing for the clients.

I have the idea about Welfare Investment Schemes of their mechanisms, characteristics, procedures etc. In this report I have included Welfare Investment Schemes of, their definition, characteristics etc. I have also included other aspects of Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd, such as its performance, foreign business, types of deposits, investment schemes, profit paid on deposit etc.Now a day, banking organization has become essential for almost every person to deal with Banks somehow in their bread & better life. As a result, Bank has become essential for every person to have some idea on the Bank and Banking procedure.

At present time, the Banking procedure is becoming faster, easier and the Banking arena is becoming wider. As the competitive field of the Banking sector, the Banking organizations are coming with innovative ideas.

So a part of this report has been developed concentration this matter. This report is prepared on the basis of my knowledge and practical expose and submitted after successful completion of the assign study containing the objectives, function and procedures of different desk of IBBL.