Operations Management of Holcim (Bangladesh) Ltd

Bangladesh is the one of those countries that will go through rapid growth where huge constructions are necessary. And for these huge constructions we need high quality cement, which has also reasonable price.

Holcim is one of the world’s largest suppliers of cement, aggregates and concrete. From its origins in Switzerland, the Group has grown into a global company with market presence in over 70 countries on all continents.

Holcim (Bangladesh) Ltd, former Hyundai Cement Bangladesh Company Limited, unites the heritage of their past with the potential of their future. Holcim Bangladesh is a member of the Holcim Group - one of the world‘s leading suppliers of cement, aggregates and concrete. It has 500 people, operates three cement plants and has an annual cement production capacity of 1.3 million ton. The primary objective of the Holcim Foundation is the non-commercial promotion and development of sustainable construction at the nation, regional and global levels.

Holcim Cement Bangladesh Ltd is the first company in Bangladesh to introduce Portland composite cement. At the start, Bangladeshi market was based on Portland cement (OPC) which was an expensive product. The scenario changed in the year 2002 when HBL introduced Portland composite cement in Bangladesh. Holcim did not only introduce this type of cement in Bangladeshi market, it also took the pioneering steps of creating the PCC market by vigorous trainings, sessions, workshops. Today 90-95% of current cement market is dominated by PCC. Concrete made with this cement gains higher long term strength. It is more efficient in saline weather. Big structures like Petronas towers (Malaysia), Hoover Dam and many other structures of the world are constructed using this cement. Composite Cement is the future for the construction industry of Bangladesh.

Since Holcim bd Ltd is one of the brand leader companies in the cement industry on our country. We need to know lot of information about the company. As like how they are operating their company, how they are managing and maintaining their position the country. As a student we have to learn about their marketing, management and operation strategy. It will help us to increase our skill, broaden our concept, sharper our knowledge and understand the business and opportunity.