Internship Report on Performance Evaluation of Shahjalal Islami Bank

Shahjalal Islami bank Limited is a private commercial bank which is 6th Islamic Shariah based bank in Bangladesh. The Bank started its operation on 10th May 2005, during this period it could improve its image in the society as an Islamic Bank. Now it has 74 branches in Bangladesh. All branches are situated in the highly commercial areas.
As a new bank, Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited has been competing with other private banks where all the banks are adopting different incentive programs to attract the customers. Accordingly, SJIBL is offering different type of deposit scheme bearing highest rate of return. Mudaraba Deposit Scheme, Monthly income scheme and Millionaire Scheme are the most popular offers that are completely new innovation in the banking sector and widely accepted by the clients. With crumble down of the world economy caused by nine eleven attack. It is observed that the competition becomes intensive in the globalization process. Our country has also participated in the race for its existence. Therefore, it becomes obvious for us to increase the field industrialization. SLIBL is playing a vital role in developing industry of the country and putting the national economy competitive with world economy. Developing country like Bangladesh urges a huge amount of investment both in the private and public sectors. SJIBL has been providing a lot of assistances regarding this investment process through its investment and Foreign Exchange Department.
We have tried to incorporate every kinds of relevant information in my report focusing mainly on performance evaluation operation of SJIBL. Firstly we described, the title of the report. Then we described introduction of Shahjalal Islami Banking concept of Bangladesh. After that we described SJIBL & its activities. In part four described the constraints of SJIBL, in part five described the lessons which learned from the internship program & in part six contains the summary & recommendation of SJIBL. Lastly in part seven which contains the reference for collect information of this report.

In an internship, a student can learn experientially at a corporation. While doing Internship, I will be able to gain firsthand work experience, learn about the activities in a particular setting, develop skills and knowledge that may lead to later employment, and explore connections between academic ideas and practical knowledge. From this internship I plan to learn about and gain practical experience in employee supervision and middle management office procedures.

As a student of the Business Administration Discipline in “American International University Bangladesh” it is compulsory to do internship in an organization and I have meat that obligation with the support of Shahjalal Islami Bank LTD. I am carrying out my internship in Shahjalal Islami Bank LTD at Malibagh Chawdhurypara at the Performance Evaluation. This will be a great opportunity to have in depth knowledge of all the HR activities in banking sectors. The report will provide information about Performance Evaluation, its operation, its benefit and its influence in the financial sectors like bank and the economy.