INTERNSHIP REPORT ON Customer Satisfaction of Exim Bank

This report is prepared on the basis of my practical experience at EXIM Bank Bangladesh Limited. (Elephant Road Branch). The internship program helps me to learn more about the practical situation of a financial institution. Exim Bank is a newly formed bank in Bangladesh. which started its operation as a conventional banking, later it convert its operation from conventional to Shariah based banking for the sake of customers demand. Though exim bank is a third generation bank incorporated in 2nd June ,1999, it work as a professional way. exim bank does the normal tasks of any other financial institution such as : Account opening, provide advance, act as a advising and negotiating bank. For all of the tasks three separate department( Customer Satisfaction, Customer Service, Product and advance) are responsible. But Customer Service is crucial one. because it deals with customers spontaneously. So the person employed in banking System are very much friendly with the customers. Exim bank does not use full on- line banking for that reason it face difficulty to provide on-line services to the customers.

Most of the Export Import bank get through Customer Satisfaction operations, . Banking operations start with A/c opening. That means if any want to maintain a relation with bank, at first he/she must open an account whether it is SB, CD ,or any other A/C. When a person want to open a bank account he has to provide some document to the bank as per requirement of different A/C. After opening a bank A/C a person can involve in any other department of the bank. So, in that report at first I focused on the account opening section, than remittances, cash, deposit and clearance section. All of the sections have to work with each other.

The employees of each section are swift enough to their tasks, They maintain co-operation and co-ordination with one another, They behave very frankly with customers.

In this report I have tried to find out the different incentives in exim bank ltd, gives their customer.