Thesis on Assessment of Purchasing and Inventory Policy of BUET

Thesis on Assessment of Purchasing and Inventory Policy of  Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)

Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET) is the premier technological institution in the country and has been playing pioneering role in providing leadership in the field of technological education, training and research. The University is committed to raise the quality of technical education and educate its students by maintaining international standards with due consideration of the socio-economic context of the country.

BUET started its journey in 1961. BUET through its enriched curricula produces highly qualified trained Engineers, Computer Scientists, Architects and Urban and Regional Planners to minimize our dependence on foreign specialized services and technical assistance. Graduates from this University have been contributing towards generation of productive employment and thereby expedite the national development activities by reducing the dependence on foreign technical assistance. Furthermore, the University has created opportunities for higher studies and attained self sufficiency in technical education resulting in huge savings in foreign exchange. 

The University enjoys world-wide academic reputation. Its research activities are very well known in the international scene and involve links with research workers in many countries. The strength of its undergraduate program lies in a well qualified and reputed band of teachers, strict student intake policy, reasonably equipped instructional laboratories and a curriculum, which is continuously reviewed by competent bodies. It has the firm conviction that the advancement of engineering and technological education and research will bring increased economic prosperity and well being of the nation as a whole. Furthermore, such advancement will help device best possible and effective solutions to the technological problems of the country.

I have been working as a procurement officer in the Directorate of Planning and Development. I have been assigned to work on "Assessment of Purchasing and Inventory Policy of Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET)".

In order to carry out my project work, I have surveyed all the existing procuring entities & systems of BUET. One after one, I talked to Director/Head of each procuring entity. I also interviewed other executives and staffs. I tried to collect the information regarding purchasing and inventory management issues of BUET. I tried my level best to know the information on the following topics of last 10 years of purchasing & inventory management issues.

Purchasing and Inventory Policy plays an important role for any organization. Purchase of office equipments, electrical appliances, scientific apparatus, furniture, raw-materials for production, plant equipment, capital equipment and machinery, stationary items etc are badly needed and the purchase of all these items vary from organization to organization.

No organization can run smoothly without purchasing the required items related to organization. Procurement is really crucial for any educational institution. Different organizations may have/adopt different ways/methods for procurement of different items. 

There may be different purchasing policies for different organizations. Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET) is a worldwide reputed university. It has a definite purchasing policy in order to purchase the different items like, (i) Stationary/office supplies (ii) Furniture (iii) Electrical appliances (iv) Office equipment (v) Lift (vi)Gas Engine Power Generator (vi) Scientific apparatus/instruments and chemicals. (vii) Medical equipment for medical centre and (viii) Books for Central Library.