Assignment on Organizational Development

“Organization development is an effort planned, organization — wide and managed from the top, to increase organization effectiveness and health through planned interventions in the organization’s processes’ using behavioral — science knowledge.”

Characteristics of Organization Development
1. Organization Development focuses on culture and processes.
2. Specifically, OD encourages collaboration between organization leaders and members in managing culture and processes.
3. OD focuses on the human and social side of the organization and in so doing also intervenes in the technological and structural sides.
4. Teams of all kinds are partially important for accomplishing tasks and are tareets for OD activities.
5. Participation and involvement in problem soi\ in and ma . e .s of the organization are hallmarks of OD.
6. OD focuses on total system change and views organizations as n1p1e social system.
7. OD practitioners are facilities, collaborators, and co-learners with the client system.
8. An overarching goal is to make the client system able to solve it problems on it own by teaching the skills and knowledge of continuous learning through self- analytical methods. OD views organization improvement as an ongoing process the context of a country changing environment.
9. OD relies on an action research model with extensive participation by client system members.
10. OD takes a developmental view that seeks the betterment of individuals and the organization. Attempting to create “win-win solutions is standard practice in OD programs.

Organizational changes:
In modern time every organization phases lots of changes. No organization can ignore avoid this changes. Therefore management of the organizations must decide when and how to implement their changes in the organization for making theses decisions effectively managers must understand the nature of the organizational change, the responses and resistance to changes by the employees of the organization.

Nature of the organizational change:
· Organizational change refers to any alteration in any part of the organization. If there is any change in any part of the organization it will affect all there parts of the organization.
· Organizational change may be human or may be technical in nature.
· Every organizational reaches and equilibrium in its social structure over time and all the employees of the organization are adjusted to this equilibrium. But when there is any change in the organization the organization may need a new equilibrium and the employees require to make new adjustment. If the employees are unable to do so disequilibrium starts functioning in the organization. Managers have to play both proactive and reactive role in the organization.

Organization Culture:
Organization Culture is a set of assumptions, believes, values, attitudes, ideas that are shared by organizational members and that influence their behaviors both are individuals and groups. I have taken Stamford University as an example. Here I will describe how to develop the Stamford University, what its problem and its solution.

Profile of Stamford University:
Vision of Excellence— “Moving Teaching excellence from good to Great”
The Stamford Imperative
Guiding principles.
A private University with Grate Education,
Goals and Objectives
· Updated and global standard academic programs.
· Rich faculty members to prepare students for future leadership and services in multicultural, global and technological societies.
· Continuation of erecting possible better facilities for students.
· Greater emphasis on student success be yond the wall of Stamford.
· Expected scholarly contribution in the area of instruction, research. creative expression and service.
· Continuing development and expansion in all areas and effort to develop partnerships on all important levels.
· Continuous review of the factors involved in new directions.
· Locating problems in different areas and keep on repairing it.

A private University with Grate Education:
Stamford University, Bangladesh has introduced a sew era in the education sector of Bangladesh by provider global Standard education. Stamford University is the first and only University in Bangladesh that has achieved ISO — 9001 : 2000 for quality with this achievement, Stamford has proven itself to be committed to providing quality Education and effective management system. I.e. Stamford is student focused and strives to improve its quality of education continuously.

Stamford University is a private University with great education in Bangladesh. Its primary purpose is it improve the educational standard of Bangladesh up to Global standard Education “GSE” by providing international standard Education and creating educational opportunities for higher degrees for all walks of life. Stamford University is based on there principles:
1. Education should be open to all and irrespective of gender, religion, cast, color, age, tine, and place.
2. Education should be of international standard and must have universal recognition.
3. Opportunity to learn should be open to anyone with the desire to achieve.
4. Education should be affordable and offered, as much as possible. of the student’s convenience.
5. Education is a life long process and must be relevant to the student’s aspirations.

Stamford University, Bangladesh was founded in the city of Dhaka in 1994. Then it was known a Standard College Group, Bangladesh. If was upgraded as a private University with the permission of the Government of Bangladesh in 2002 and emerged as Stamford University, Bangladesh. This institution has been established with a view to making significant contribution to the development of education in the country.

Goods and objectives:
1. To serve the intellectual needs and professional aspirations of its students and to contribute to the intellectual and professional development of the society.
2. To create for students the environment and programs which help to satisfy current needs and anticipate future ones.
3. To establish different educational programs in global standard and if possible joint Venture University in Bangladesh with Universities of the USA and the UK. which will facilitate our students to get access into international job market in these field directly, as result, our country will be able to earn valuable foreign currency.
4. To private Global Standard Education “GSA” in Bangladesh.
5. To establish joint degree programs and credit transfer programs with US Universities such as chafing University, New York University (NYU) Stamford University, USA to facilitate quality education and make foreign degree available to students staying in their country.