Internship report on Short term Budget and Performance evaluation of Falcon Group

This internship paper is a basic course requirement of the BBA program. The topic has been determined by the closed supervision of NAFISA ROUNOK, lecturer of finance, bachelor of business administration, Jagannth University ,Dhaka.

The main purpose of the report is to consider the short term budget and performance evaluation of “Falcon Group”.
The internship project is both descriptive and exploratory in nature. The exploratory research will be conduct to measure the employee satisfaction level based on strategy by Falcon Group.

Performance analysis is very important in this sector. My report is made to base on FALCON GROUP. This study is not shows the result of entire garments industries.

For this reason production administration is a vital matter of concern to everybody. In view of importance of this arena, I have undertaken a study and submit a report. This report mainly focuses on the performance of Falcon Group.
Internship report is a part of my academic program. As a student of Business Administration in finance, I have an opportunity to complete an internship program from FALCON GROUP. During my internship, FALCON GROUP authority provides me an opportunity to work on different department, especially in Human Resource Department By working in FALCON GROUP, I have gathered some knowledge about Operation Process of FALCON GROUP. My internship report is the outcome of my opportunity in working FALCON GROUP. This internship project has been adopted to identify each of the activities of its remuneration management, how it has build up employee satisfaction and retained its customer by ensuring better quality.

Through the internship in FALCON GROUP, I tried to make a bridge between the theoretical knowledge and real life experience as part of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program. This Internship report has been designed to have a practical experience through the theoretical understanding.

This Internship is essential for every student of Business Administration, which helps the students to know the real life situation of corporate life. That is why a student takes the Internship program at the end of the BBA program as the requirement to Bachelors degree. This Internship report titled “Short term budget and Performance evaluation of FALCON GROUP is prepared to full-fill the degree requirement of BBA program. In this regard, I had been assigned in FALCON GROUP just immediately after the completion of the course requirement of the program. I had been supervised there by the management of the bank to gather information, which was necessary to prepare my report.