Internship Report on General Banking Activities of NCC Bank Limited

This report highlights the Historic progress of Overall Banking System with wide range of banking and financial activities as well as products and services offered by NCC Bank Limited to its customers in order to maintain quality of service.

Overall Banking System can be divided into three categories. These are General banking activities, Credit or loan advance activities and foreign exchange activities. General banking does the most important and basic works. It also plays a vital role in deposit mobilization. The efficiency of the general banking activity reflects the whole service given by that bank. Credit division is the heart of the banking system as in NCC which is responsible for allowing all the credit facilities given to the potential customers. Lease financing, Micro credit, and cash credit are the most given credits of this bank which plays an important role in expanding lending base and in increasing income. 5Foreign exchange activities is one of the important and major sources of income of the bank, which gives proper care to serve the importers and exporters of various goods with officers having expertise in the field.
This report will mainly focus on the activities of General Banking Division of NCC Bank Limited. Focus will also be given on general activities of foreign exchange and investment division briefly.

I expressed my observation and personal experience on the banking systems. I made necessary recommendation to be adjusted to maintain the organization journey to the excellence according to my viewpoint. To summarize the whole situation, I would like to mention that NCC Bank Limited is putting a lot of efforts to regulate the banking system and as per my understanding NCC Bank Limited will definitely progress with the modernization of business environment as time progresses.

Knowledge and learning become perfect when it is associated with theory and practice. Theoretical knowledge gets its perfection with practical application. As our educational system predominantly is text based, inclusion practical orientation program, as an academic component is as exception to the norm. As the parties; educational institution and the organization substantially benefit from such a program, it seems a “win-win situation”. It establishes contracts and networking contracts. Contracts may help to get a job. That is, students can train and prepare themselves for the job market. A poor country like Bangladesh has an overwhelming number of unemployed education graduates. As they have no internship experience they have not been able to gain normal professional experience or establish networking system, which is important in getting a job, so practical orientation is a positive development in professional area. Recognizing the importance of practical experience, School of Business Administration has introduced a three months practical exposure as a part of the curriculum of Bachelor of Business Administration program. In such state of affairs the present report is aiming at analyzing the experience of practical orientation related to various aspects of banking activities in the “Overall banking system of NCC Bank Ltd. Special Focus on “Banking Law and Practices thereof in NCC Bank Limited.”