Report on Ceramic Industry of Bangladesh

In this report the ceramic sector of Bangladesh and its trade analysis with India is discussed with the explanations. The ceramic sectors of Bangladesh are doing quite well in exporting. Ceramic industries have big impact in the trading. Bangladesh Ceramic tableware has a good reputation to the international market like North America and EU countries. We also attempt to entail the existing trade relationship between Bangladesh and India. Through in this report, I try to analyze existing trade barriers, government policies, structural and infrastructural problems that hamper the creation of a mutually beneficial trade relationship between these two countries. I mainly focus on the comparative study of the ceramic industry with other competitor countries. I try to find out the problems faced by the sector and what are the sectoral needs for ceramic industry. Then try to give some recommendations & some key points for improving the ceramic export in our country.
40 years after liberation war, now Bangladesh has become one of the most important exporting country in the South Asian region. Most contributors to the exportable items are RMG (Woven Garments and Knitwear), Frozen food, Home textile, Computer Service, bicycle and ceramic. Ceramic sector is one of the most leading sectors in the exporting items. About 80% of the produced ceramic is exported to foreign countries, including United States, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom. There are over a dozen of ceramic factories in Bangladesh, which produce over 40,000 tone ceramic products a year. Monno, Shinepukur, Bengal Fine, Standard, Peoples and National Ceramic are engaged in tableware while RAK, Fu Wang, China-Bangla and Mir are engaged in tiles and sanitary ware.

India is the neighbor country and one of the biggest treading partners of Bangladesh. Though the trade relationship is of great interest to both nations, the trade volumes between these two countries are not similar. The reason is that the government policies, incentives, and regulations. The trade policy of India encourages foreign investors to come in the business. India is also a big exporter in the ceramic sector. They are famous for their best quality products.

In this report I discuss the government policies of the two countries and based on that we develop comparative study and market analysis of the ceramic industry. I try to find out why India is doing better in the ceramic industry than Bangladesh. I recommend some ideas which our government and the ceramic companies can implement to make our ceramic industry to be the leading one.
This report is prepared with the purpose of getting an overview of ceramic sector of Bangladesh and comparative study of trading partner with other relevant countries like India. My major objectives are:
  •       To know how Economic indicators and trends.
  •       To Current trading environment analysis
  •       To know Competitive advantage
  •       To know Current Government policy environment
  •       To know the problems faced by ceramic sector and present possible recommendations to overcome that